To provide a safe space, to welcome travellers and locals to share values, to encourage multicultural exchange, inclusivity, personal development and be open to the idea of changing cultural attitudes.

Stadium Sportsbar currently provides a safe space for people of different cultures to meet, listen to music, enjoy a bite to eat and a drink and take a break from the outside world.

Whilst this will continue, we also wish to expand this into an environment that allows personal development in a safe and open atmosphere, encouraging people to explore different values and ideals, learn from each other and open themselves up to new experiences.

In Stadium Sportsbar 2.0, we wish to expand from providing meeting places to offering different spaces for social interaction, language learning, fitness classes, cooking classes and other types of activities.

Whether you are a walking wanderer, a mighty trucker, a fabulous family of five or a local looking for a safe space, you are welcome at Stadium Sportsbar – “Welcome Home”.