Due to unseen unfortunate sequence of events Sports bar stadium is closing permanently at current location.

But farshid always has new plans and the support from travelers from all over the world.

So he found a possibility for SportsBar 2.0:
Sports bar Stadium is on the move!
In cooperation with a new startup art gallery, sharing the same 440 meters square location with 180 square green outdoor space. I will run the cafe and promote the art world around us for English speaking Iranians form my point of view.
Art gallery is to display art from Iranian artist from all over the land.
Farshid has signed a one year working agreement.

On 4th of October he started with the help of many local supporters to relocate. All the Installation from the sports bar stadium will be dismantled and reused for SportsBar 2.0.
Now (16th of October) most of the material has moved. The old location is just a shell again – nothing inside anymore.

Re-Opening is planned for the end of October.