This is Farshid – he is the Stadium Sportsbar – without him this space would not exist

Born in 1975 in Iran, Farshid was raised in Norway and returned to Iran in 2007, moving to Bushehr. Here he has been able to nurture his connection to the sea, a passion for health and fitness, a belief in inclusivity and appreciation of the diversity of people.

“I love the sea and sports and I believe sport and health can set people free, make them stronger, emancipate them and let them be less dependent. I see the world from a positive perspective and wish to create a world of generosity, friendliness and kindness. “

From this, Farshid created the concept of the Stadium Sportsbar – a place to encourage peace and a healthy lifestyle, a safe place, a place to meet locals and travellers alike, to share values, principles and passions. Whether you are a single traveller, a family or group of friends, here you will find a genuine welcome in a home away from home.

Farshid brings people together and wants to expand on this social setting with more cross-cultural experiences; currently a meeting space to enjoy drinks and light snacks, he wishes to expand to include cooking and fitness classes and to encourage travellers to teach locals a skill (eg. their native language, yoga, favourite dishes) or vice versa, bringing together a diverse community to share cultures and values.